Re-enactor Information

2018 Registration Form

JULY 14-15, 2018

All participants must register for the event on line or at the event site. (See online registration form, link near top & bottom of this page.) Every member of your unit must check in at the registration tent when they arrive on-site. According to conditions of the insurer for event, all reenactors/participants must sign a ST. LAWRENCE PARKS VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT before participating in any activity. This can be filled out and handed in at the time of registration. This will give all volunteers liability insurance even if horses are participating. Check-in times are listed under REGISTRATION PROCEDURES in this packet. Layover camping for Sunday night is available with prior arrangements with organizers

Safety Inspection
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am, with the participants formed in front of the camp area, a safety inspection will be conducted on the participants’ firearms by a designated member of the staff for the Friends. Artillery inspection times and place will be determined at the event.

Water & Firewood
Water and good dry firewood will be available. Potable water will be available at various locations. Firewood will be located near both camps…

Site maintenance/Housekeeping
A trash bag will be distributed to each participant during registration. On Sunday afternoon, please clean your area, tie up the bag and leave it at your campsite. We appreciate your assistance in caring for these historic grounds.

Documentation Requirements
United States visitors to Canada must have a valid US passport, passport card or an enhanced driver’s license to return to the US

Canadian gun regulations
Flintlock muskets and rifles are exempt from Canadian regulations as far as having to register them at the border. They still have to be reported to Customs but there should not be any problem bringing them into the country. A letter is being sent to the border crossings advising them of the event and that there will be re-enacters coming to our event. Muzzleloading artillery is also exempt and should cross into Canada without a problem. Pistols are another thing and we do not advise you to bring them to the event. Reproduction pistols (even flintlock) are considered restricted weapons and all kinds of regulations come into effect. We will put a copy of the regs or letter that you can print off to ease your way through customs if needed. Powder should be in made up cartridges for both long arms and cannon.

Sutlers’ information

Please note, a $25 Cdn fee is required for all sutlers to participate in the weekend event. Other Civilians and demonstrators will not have to pay this fee.
All sutlers must be pre-registered. Vendors are responsible for licenses, insurance and the collection of sales tax. Those selling without pre-registering may be asked to leave the site.

We are also again supplying a free full dinner on Sat night for all as well as free light breakfasts. Deadline for registering for dinner is June 30th. There will also be food vendors on site selling hamburgers, sausage and drinks or meals are available at restaurants in Upper Canada Village.

There are nearby motels to the west of the site and in the village of Morrisburg on county road #2. There are lists of accommodation sites on our website at Go to the “Links” page; then Connections in South Dundas”. Your best bets there are “McIntosh Inn and Conference Centre”, “South Dundas Township” and “Seaway Valley Tourism” links for motels, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds.

Gun Powder Stipend for Artillery
There will a powder stipend for artillery as follows:

  • 6pdr and over-$200.00
  • 3or 4pdr -$150.00

There must be no loose powder on site or in camp and all charges to be made up before arriving on site.

Shopping centres
Retail stores, grocery, beer/liquor, hardware, fuel and automotive needs are located 11km (7 miles) west of the site in Morrisburg.

Modern camping
There is lots of space on the riverside for modern camping or trailers. No hook ups on site but there is a campground next door, contact Bob Irvine at for details

Showers, Restrooms
Portable toilets will be placed in convenient locations throughout the grounds. Also the washrooms outside the Village Store (main entrance to Upper Canada Village will be open all night.
There are no showers this year. There is a beach for swimming in the St. Lawrence River next to the site- weather/water conditions permitting with free access to re-enactors.

Entrance to Upper Canada village
All participants in period dress/uniforms are allowed into the award winning Upper Canada Village throughout the weekend free of charge.

Contact Information:
The Friends of Crysler’s Farm Battlefield Memorial
c/o Kim McInnis,
10295 Pleasant Valley Rd,
South Mountain, On
K0E 1W0

Or Call:
Bob Irvine – (613) 925-5514 –
Cam Stevenson – (613) 797-2493 –


Upper Canada Village
13740 COUNTY ROAD #2
K0C 1X0
GPS Position: 75°4’0″W, 44°57’0″N … -75.0667000, 44.9500000

Registration procedures…

Thank you for offering to join us for the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Crysler’s Farm. Please read the following information carefully.

Registration hours on site:
All participants should register on-line and all must check in at the event registration tent on-site
Friday July 13, Noon -10:00 pm
Saturday July 14, 9:00 am – 10:00 am

All reenactors/participants must agree to a Volunteer Agreement before participating in any activity.
We must also confirm your contact information as well as get an accurate count.
After registration, you will receive a map, parking permit and schedule. The on-site coordinators will direct you to the areas where you can set up your tents.
Signs will be posted to assist you.
If you set up prior to registration and set up in the wrong location, you will be asked to relocate. So please register first!

Reenactor Parking On Site:
Check your event map for designated parking areas.

Rules & Regulations…

Safety and conduct guidelines; these rules and regulations are in place to provide a safe encampment experience for all reenactors, visitors, staff, and spectators at the Battle of Crysler’s Farm event. Your attention to safety precautions and safe conduct are necessary and appreciated.

1. No bullets or live projectiles are permitted at this event. Spectators may not discharge weapons. Firing must be done under controlled conditions. Do not point any firearms at visitors. Proper supervision must be provided for powder stores and firearms. Powder must be kept in appropriate containers and stored at a safe distance from campfires. Please advise the Friends staff and volunteers of any safety concerns – including problem visitors or unregistered reenactors or vendors. All safety considerations applicable to safe handling and use of firearms are to be followed for the event. This applies to all muzzleloaders, black powder, and artillery and other modern weapons. Sharp and pointed weapons such as knives, bayonets, swords and pikes are to be maintained under safe control and not allowed into spectator’s hands or access.

2. Exercise caution when driving your vehicles on the grounds. Observe speed limits and follow all posted signs. Please remember that there will be reenactors, children, spectators, animals and equipment on site.

3. Vehicle access: Vehicles will be allowed in camps Friday July 13 11:00-10:00 p.m. Note: special arrangements for camp arrival earlier than these times must be made to the event organizers. No vehicles on Saturday JULY 14 after 9:00 AM till camp close in afternoon.

4. Re-enactors and other participants are asked to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Participants are asked to exhibit respect for the site, the event, visitors and their fellow participants. Unit Commanders and the on-site Commander will assume responsibility for individual compliance with this regulation.

5. Campfires: Fires are permitted in designated areas. Fires must be attended at all times. Ample water or a fire extinguisher must be readily available in the immediate area of each campfire. Before breaking camp, all fires must be completely extinguished. Completely drench campfire, remove ash and coals and replace sod. No standing or live trees may be cut for firewood. Take only as much firewood as you will need for each day. Please, no stockpiling for the entire weekend! All unused firewood must be re-stacked in the area where it was obtained.

6. Alcoholic beverages: no alcoholic beverages may be visible or consumed on the site until camp closes for the day. No drinking during reenactments. Under no circumstances may minors be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

7. Children: Children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

8. Horses/pets: pets must be under supervision at all times. Cavalry Units must station at least one person from their unit near the horses while the site is open to the public. Horses are not allowed within 500 feet of concession stands under the regulations of the Ministry Health. This regulation will be strictly enforced. All caring and feed for horses is the sole responsibility of the horse owner. Horses must be gunned trained.

9. Volunteer Agreement: at registration, all reenactors/participants will be required to agree to a Volunteer Agreement.
Acceptance of this agreement is a prerequisite for event participation in compliance with the insurance policy of the Parks of the St. Lawrence. Do not set up your camp or engage in any activity on the grounds until you have registered.

10. Emergencies: Should an emergency arise, please notify Event Staff immediately. For Fire, Police and Paramedics call 911.There will be First Aid on site at the registration tent and at the battle re-enactments and security patrols at night. Security phone# 613-930-3220

11. Night time courtesy: Please respect your neighbors during the evening hours of the encampment. We want everyone to have a good night’s sleep.

12. Artifacts/Found Objects: Please report any objects which you unearth when digging firepits.

Authenticity Guidelines…

1. All reenactors must strive for the highest degree of authenticity. This includes – but is not limited to – uniforms, weapons, equipment and conduct. To ensure authenticity and safety, all reenactors must participate in drills and inspections as prescribed by unit commanders.

2. Modern intrusions: No modern intrusions are permitted in any reenactment area during hours when camps are open to the public. After hours, modern conveniences may be used. Modern intrusions include – but are not limited to – non-period sunglasses, wristwatches, cell phones, coolers, propane lanterns, propane stoves.

3. Authority in matters of authenticity. The Friends event staff will be the final authority in matters of authenticity. Any obvious anachronisms or modern intrusions should be brought to the attention of event staff. Reenactors are expected to correct these anachronisms as soon as alerted by event staff or Camp Commanders.

Online registration…

2018 Registration Form