Dundas Militia Flank Companies – July 1812

These Flank Company lists are from ‑ Correspondence & Militia records of Duncan Clark.

Volunteers assembled at Maria Town for 6 months of service in the Flank Company on the 11th July, 1812.  Please note that spelling appears as it is written in the document.


Eastern District
1st Dundas
1st Flank Company

Sgt John Ault, Capt Michael Ault, Pte Godfrey Avickhawser, Pte. Michael Barkley, Pte Jacob Brouse, GSM, Crysler’s Farm. Pte Jacob Carns, Pte. John Caselman, Ensign Duncan Clark, Pte John Collison, Ptes. Jacob, Henry John and George Coons, Lieut. Jacob Dorin, Pte. David Dorin, Pte John Dorin, Corp. Jacob Dulmage, Pte Samuel Faddle, Pte Gabriel Forrester, Sgt Isaac Forrester, Pte Edward Foster, Pte John Fralick, Lieut. James Fraser, Ptes Michael, David and James Freece,  Pte David Fralick, Pte Robert Glasford, Pte Lewis Godare, Pte George Johnson, Pte Alexander Keavare, Pte Conrad Kintner, Pte Baptiste Lajoy, Pte James Lennox, Pte Elijah Leonex, Pte Joseph Lock, Pte Faxton Rathborn, Pte Robert Redman, Sgt John Ruler, Pte John Saver, Pte David Sealy, Pte William Servos,  Pte Edward Shaver, Sgt Nicholas J. Shaver, Ptes John H. and John A. Shaver, Pte Jacob Sipes, Corp Farquer Snyder, Ptes James and Jacob Stamp, Ptes William and John Stewart, Pte Jacob Strader, Ptes Joseph and Peter Surchea, Pte Jacob Fader, Ptes John and Peter Van Camp, Pte John Walch, Pte Antony Wallace, Pte Henry Weager, Pte Jonathon Wickware.


1st Dundas
2nd Flank Company

Pte Jacob Algire, Pte Nicholas Ault, GSM, Crysler’s Farm, Ptes Frederick  and Nicholas Baker, Pte Andrew Barger, Pte Alexander Bedstead, Ptes Joseph and Martin Berkley, Pte John Burger, Ptes John, William and Conrad Casselman, Pte John Cook, Ptes Andrew and  John Crowbarger, Pte Anthony Crowder, Sgt Luke De Penzier, Pte Nicholas Dillaback, Pte Peter Fetterby, Pte John Froah, Ptes Conrad and Philip Frymire, Pte Stephen Garlough, Ptes Frederick, John, Joseph and David Hanes, Pte Joseph Helmer, Pte John Hickey, Pte Peter Holmes, Pte Stephen Hunt, Pte William Knight, Pte Charles Lasart, Ptes Philip, and Peter Loux and Sgt William Loux,  Pte Garret Marsailes, Pte Hugh McCragen, Lieut. Christopher Merkley, Pte Jacob Jr. Merkley, Sgt Jacob Merkley, Capt. George Merkley, Sgt Adam Merkley, Ensign Jacob Merkley, Pte Peter Mursalis, Pte Tobias Myers, Pte Adam Needle, Pte James O’Brian, Pte Frederick Ouderkirk, Pte John Piller, Pte John Polly, Pte Peter Pruner, Lieut Alexander Rose, Pte Jacob Rosenbarger, Pte William Scott, Pte John Shaver, Pte Daniel Shell, Pte Mathew Sterner, Pte Lewis Swertsfager, Ptes John and Henry Van Allen,  Pte Moses Wood.